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Registered & Corporate Office
Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd.
8B Middleton Street,

6A Geetanjali,
Kolkata - 700 071
Telephone : +91 33 2229 8936 / 6758 / 3237 / 4473
Fax : +91 33 2226 4140 / 2265 5830
Email : kolkata@sumedhafiscal.com
Website : www.sumedhafiscal.com
CIN of the Company : L70101WB1989PLC047465
Merchant Banking

SEBI vide its circular no. SEBI/HO/CFD/DCR2/P/CIR/2021/0661 dated  November 23, 2021 has mandated publishing of Investor Charter and Disclosure of Complaints by Merchant Bankers on their Websites. In view of the same,  the following information is disseminated:


Investor Charters:

Investor Complaints Data:

Stock Markets have become an important avenue for raising resources. As a Category I Merchant Banker by SEBI, we have a proven track record in Lead Management, Private Placement and Issue Advisory Services. The process of valuation and of realizing the value requires considerable financial and legal skill, which is our forte. Our association with internationally reputed Merchant Bankers, coupled with close relationships with various Investors and Intermediaries help make Public Issues a success. We have been associated with several prestigious Public Issues as Lead Manager, Co-Manager and Syndicate Member.
Rasoi Limited - Delisting Offer
BNK Capital - Open Offer
Debt Syndication
Locating the time and cost effective sources of finance for projects is our strength. Our teams of experts study the options available which include Structured Finance, Trade Finance, Short or Long Term Funds, Equipment Finance or any other financing option to devise the most beneficial route for our clients. We take care of the entire transaction which involves Capital Structuring, Feasibility Study, Project Appraisal and Sourcing Funds. Our knowledge of the current investment scenario and understanding of specific needs enables us to deliver cost competitive structural solutions. Our long term association with Banks and Bankers gives us a special edge in arranging efficient negotiations and favourable terms, particularly in Loan Syndication.
Financial Restructuring
The opening up of the Indian Economy to global competition makes the optimization of financial resources a critical and continuous task. A major challenge for many Companies is the problem of Stressed Financial Assets. Our experience in providing comprehensive solutions for Asset Reconstruction and Recapitalization is therefore highly appreciated. We assist Companies in restructuring their capital structure, negotiate with lenders for settlement of restructured loans, reschedule debt to lower interest costs and extend the repayment period. In extreme cases we also arrange Mergers and Takeovers of stressed Companies.
Portfolio Resolution of Stressed Assets
An increased emphasis by Reserve Bank of India on improving asset quality and capital adequacy is causing a number of Banks and Institutions to focus on Non Performing Assets (NPA) Management. Sumedha Fiscal has requisite experience; specialized skill sets and focused approach to facilitate resolution and settlement of loans. We are empanelled with major Banks and Financial Institutions as Recovery Agent.
Mergers & Takeovers
Our efforts at revitalizing Companies go beyond helping clients raise and restructure their financial resources. Our core competence includes value oriented research and identifying business partners, suggesting economically viable projects and arranging technical and financial collaborations. Along with our International Affiliates, we arrange global, technical and financial collaborations and provide assistance in preparing necessary project documentation and obtaining statutory approvals for such projects.
Equity Placements
Sumedha Fiscal helps clients in Syndication and arrangement of Private Equity and Venture Capital Financing. It also arranges Equity Financing for Corporates and Entrepreneurs for Seed Capital, Early Stage and Late Stage Financing. Our expertise involves identification, structuring the proposal, undertaking valuation, identifying investors, making presentations, ensuring closure of the deal and realizing value for our clients.