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Registered & Corporate Office
Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd.
8B Middleton Street,

6A Geetanjali,
Kolkata - 700 071
Telephone : +91 33 6813 5900 / 2229 8936/6758
Email : kolkata@sumedhafiscal.com
Website : www.sumedhafiscal.com
CIN of the Company : L70101WB1989PLC047465
Financial Planning
Financial Planning has become a popular avenue to balance the risk reward mix and reap the compounded gains of investing in the long term. Financial planning is a very important function of Wealth Management towards meeting life time goals and is been managed well by dedicated resources. We believe in maximizing the wealth of all our Stakeholders and financial planning is one such effort into this segment.
Distribution Services
The growing links with investors has encouraged us to make a foray into marketing IPO's, Mutual Funds & Bonds. Initially we began by distributing RBI and Capital Gains bonds. Later, following detailed analysis of the management, portfolio and track record, we commenced advising various schemes of mutual funds. Our approach in advising investment schemes is two pronged. We look at the overall risk reward requirement of our clients and also the prevailing market conditions to advise how resources should be allocated. We are intimately familiar with the wide variety of schemes offered, ranging from sector specific equity schemes to risk free debt schemes. It is truly said that Sumedha Fiscal is one of the pioneers in understanding and advising mutual funds.
Insurance Advisory
We have also forayed into Insurance Advisory through Associate Companies of the Group. Arrangements have been made with SBI Life & Life Insurance Corporation of India to deliver a portfolio of products matching the risk appetite and financial goals of every valued customer.
We offer a comprehensive range of investment products and strategies that fit your personal investment goals, suit your risk preferences and are constantly developing new structures, products and investment strategies to help you manage and grow your wealth.
Investment Services
wealth managment